New: Open-AudIT now has a cloud platform for all of your discovery and audit needs, available here.

 Did you know:
Open-AudIT has been translated into German, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.


" Just wanted to say thanks to the developers of OpenAudit, it is pretty much doing exactly what we wanted from it out of the box."

Bloater, Forum User


" I have just downloaded latest version of open audit, I had previously been using WINventory. Big thanks to everyone involved."

MonkeyX, Forum User

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Make sure you read the upgrade and installation guides (along with other helpful documentation) at the Opmantek Community website.

Installing Open-AudIT in 10 Minutes

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As you have seen, Open-AudIT is an incredibly powerful application that can Discover, Audit and Manage all connected devices to your network. There is much more that Open-AudIT can help you with. If you have a specific problem you are trying to solve on your network, our team of engineers have most likely solved this for customers already.