How do you set up nmap to work?
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Author:  banso_boy [ Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:41 am ]
Post subject:  How do you set up nmap to work?

This is the area I want to test next but I am not getting any luck so far.
I have installed nmap and I still get errors .
May be someone explain in brief how it works and how to set up.
Minimum how it works in relation with the scripts may be I will figure out where I am getting it wrong.


Author:  jpa [ Thu Jul 07, 2011 7:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: How do you set up nmap to work?

Nmap setup is pretty simple in theory and not so simple in practice.

For Windows:
First, make sure you're on the latest SVN version of OpenAudit.
Make sure you have nmap installed.
Edit the nmap_* entries in your audit.config. For example:
' Nmap section
nmap_tmp_cleanup = true           ' Set this false if you want to leave the tmp files for analysis in your tmp folder
nmap_subnet = "192.168.0."            ' The subnet you wish to scan
nmap_subnet_formatted = "192.168.000."    ' The subnet padded with 0's
nmap_ie_form_page = audit_host + "/admin_nmap_input.php"
nmap_ie_visible = "n" 
nmap_ie_auto_close = "y"
nmap_ip_start = 1
nmap_ip_end = 254
nmap_syn_scan = "y"      ' Tcp Syn scan
nmap_udp_scan = "y"      ' UDP scan
nmap_srv_ver_scan = "n"  ' Service version detection.
nmap_srv_ver_int = 9     ' Service version detection intensity level. Values 0-9, 0=fast

Run the nmap.vbs audit script: cscript nmap.vbs
Make sure to run the nmap audit script from a machine on the same network as you configured in the audit.config file. If you try to map a different subnet nmap won't retrieve the target machines MAC address and the current code doesn't handle this.

For linux:
Edit the command. Make sure to get the starting and ending IP address set correctly in the for loop, the subnet in the nmap_input line and the correct posting address in the wget line.
Again, I think you'll do best to run this from a machine on the same subnet you're auditing.

If this doesn't work then you'll need to describe your errors a bit better.

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