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Author:  mli-sofor [ Fri Aug 21, 2009 7:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Modified version

Here are some modifications that I have made to OpenAudit script in Windows environment. Please see the attached zip-file.

OpenAudit Windows audit script modifications
Mika Lindberg 2009

**** Client side scripts and modifications ****

All scripts need administrator priviledges.

scan.vbs - originally audit.vbs. Modified for client based auditing. Added: settings from registry, basic authentication, Writing to Event log. Disabled: settings from server, mail sending.

install.vbs - OpenAudit installer for local machine. Creates registry entries for scan.vbs, copies files for auditing and creates two scheduled tasks.

uninstall.vbs - Removes OpenAudit from local computer.

remoteinstall.vbs and remoteuninstall.vbs - same functionality as install.vbs and uninstall.vbs but used for remote machines. Remoteinstall can be used to multiple machines with computers.txt file.

settings.vbs - script to change OpenAudit server,username and password.

openaudit.adm - group policy adm-file for OpenAudit settings management.

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