error auditing domain using LDAP
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Author:  chorskie [ Mon Jul 20, 2009 2:07 am ]
Post subject:  error auditing domain using LDAP

hi all, just want to seek a help again. I configure the LDAP for OA so that it will connect to the domain so its easy to do the audit but when i run the audit LDAP directory i get this error:

Auditing LDAP Path: DC=abc <--- domain name,DC=net
Auditing user accounts in: DC=abc <--- domain name ,DC=net
Updating Users table ...
Error: 1364: Field 'ldap_users_sn' doesn't have a default value

I already put this code in audit.config

strComputer = ""
audit_local_domain = "y"
' Set domain_type = 'nt' for NT4 or SAMBA otherwise leave blank or set to ldap
'domain_type = "nt"
random_order = true
local_domain = "LDAP://"

Use LDAP Integration: (to display user details)
LDAP Base DN: dc=abc,dc=net
LDAP Connection Server: dc=abc,dc=net
LDAP Connection User:

is this correct? if not, what should i put? hope you can help me with this problem..thanks in advance.

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