Software/hardware inventory doesn't work (installed from SVN
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Author:  Ebirya [ Fri Nov 21, 2008 5:23 am ]
Post subject:  Software/hardware inventory doesn't work (installed from SVN

Hi All,
I have a wierd issue with OA downloaded from SVN (I believe, the latest build there is 1085).

I'm trying to do a fresh installation from the the content of the trunk folder. So, I copy it onto my apache server,
edit the audit.config file to audit my domain and run the audit script.
Everything seems to run smoothly, all my domain machines can be found by the audit script and just fine and you can
see the proper systems' info on the corresonding summary pages (you can see the system domain role, user, ip, serial #, memory, etc.)
However, when you go to the Software pages, you see no sofrware detected there.
"Hardware", "s Settings", "Users & Groups" , etc. are empty as well (it says "no results" to be exact).

Am I doing anything wrong? I will aprreciate any theory/thought/advise.

Thank you all!

PS. When I install the latest stable release (v. 2008-10-13) everything works just fine.

Thanks again.

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