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Author:  Mark [ Fri Jul 15, 2016 9:51 am ]

Hi All,

If you're interested in getting the latest and greatest Open-AudIT before anyone else, please do drop me a line.

We're going to be moving to a beta 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8... well, you get the idea!

The issue I'm trying to solve is that the release happens and then people start using it and testing it in the real world, much better than I ever can. They report bugs, I fix bugs and a week later another release happens. If I can get some people on board, I'll make beta releases available for you in advance. We can make sure they're bug free (as much as possible) and later on I can make an actual final release.

What's in it for you? Well the code quality of the beta's will be what the current released code is. So it shouldn't burn your house down. Having said that I will provide a cut'n'paste easy way to replicate your production database onto another machine if you'd rather not run a beta in production. As said though, the code quality of the beta's will be equivalent to the current released code quality. This will simply mean an actual real official release will simply be of better quality again.

You will also get direct feedback into the features as they're tested. Your input will carry a LOT more weight compared to a forum post or question posed. It's not that I ignore these - I have over 160 internal tickets logged, a lot of them because of forum posts - but someone putting in the effort to help out will get much more in return.

You will also get more direct assistance. If a beta tester posts to the forum it will be actioned (as well as a reply comment) ASAP. No questions, just do it as quickly as possible. It's almost like being a paying supported customer! Of course if you ARE a paying supported customer, you have the first right on pretty much everything hint, hint... To become a paying and supported customer is not very expensive and allows me to continue to work on both the free and paid application. Please do consider this if you can. I'll just leave this here...

So you get -
    The latest features straight away.
    Direct valuable input into the development of features.
    To be mentioned in the help -> about page if you like.
    To help make Open-AudIT a better quality free and open source product.
    Something to put on your resume!
    Assistance as and when required.

Just email me at to be included. I'll setup a mailing list (which might be just me BCC'ing everyone to start) so we all know what's happening.

Your participation would be most appreciated and I think to your benefit as well my sanity :-)

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