Open-AudIT v1.12.6 released
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Author:  Mark [ Tue May 17, 2016 6:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Open-AudIT v1.12.6 released

STOP (hammer time!). Seriously though, we have implemented a new feature called Blessed Subnets. THIS MAY IMPACT YOU. I'm hoping you won't even notice though. The details of it are on a new wiki page, here -

We explicitly do not support Ubuntu 16.04. This release of Ubuntu see's PHP 7 become the default. Unfortunately the DB driver as shipped with CodeIgniter (the PHP framework we use) doesn't seem to work with it. This is quite high on our to do list. It would be even higher if a paying customer asked for it (hint, hint). For now though, don't try to install on Ubuntu 16.04.

We now do explicitly support Redhat 7 / Centos 7 (and by extension we use MariaDB on those platforms).

The Windows installer now creates a backup of the database before upgrading. So if you see a large disk use increase, check the folder c:\xampplite\open-auditXXXXXXXXX where X is the datestamp. In that folder you'll find a .sql file which should zip quite nicely if you need to save space. Please do not delete it as it is a backup which you can restore from if everything goes pear shaped.

The release notes (as usual) are on the wiki, here -

Please do take the time to read the release notes and information about the new blessed subnet feature.


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