OA 1.12.4 Printers and Mounted volumes
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Author:  omega4471 [ Tue Mar 29, 2016 11:26 pm ]
Post subject:  OA 1.12.4 Printers and Mounted volumes

I did upgrade to version 1.12.4.
Now, printers are recognized, but information about some fiels (model, type,status,color ) are not correct. Attach screen.
Mounted volumes that used to work properly and show the units mapped now do not work (test done on the PC showing the information relating to volumes mounted)
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Author:  Mark [ Wed Mar 30, 2016 8:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OA 1.12.4 Printers and Mounted volumes

That is the information provided to us by Win32_Printer. It is not very good. Nothing much we can do. If those are networked printers, run discovery against them and you should retrieve all the details. When you run discovery and find a network printer it will create an entry in the system table and it will appear in groups and reports as just another device. When the audit script runs and queries Win32_Printer, the details are stored in the printer table and no devices are created.

This is because Win32_Printer is unreliable and the information it provides changes between versions of Windows. We are not going to continually chase MS on this and attempt to account for their inaccuracies. It's just too much. I know that I installed a networked printer on a test Windows machine here and the attribute returns 'false'. MS have also changed the format of the 'port' attribute. It used to be 'IP_192.168.1.1' now it's just ''. Or a hostname. Or not set. Or something else. It just doesn't work consistently enough. By defaulting to whatever Win32_Printer gives us and not trying to determine actual correct values we have been able to remove a LOT of fragile and sometimes not working (depending on Win32_Printer and OS version) code both from the audit script and the processing routine.

This is how it will stay going forward.

Locally installed printers (be they networked or USB attached) will be discovered by the audit script and appear in print queues for a given device.
Network printers will be discovered by discovery and appear as actual devices.

Do you know when mounted volumes stopped working? What version were you running that they were working in before you upgraded to 1.12.4?

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