Open-AudIT 1.10.1 released (new build)
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Author:  Mark [ Thu Jan 28, 2016 10:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Open-AudIT 1.10.1 released (new build)

1.10.1 is an actual build (hence the .1 instead of _4).
It contains a single database structure change and version bump. This affects Community only. Enterprise remains at 1.10.
Fixes include environment variables being retrieved on Windows correctly and now added for Linux as well as the wmi_fails fix as per another post and links being formtted correctly for Enterprise on the search results page.
This is a recommended upgrade.

NOTE - The download for Linux will now be a .run file. It's still a tar.gz, just wrapped in a runner script. Just do the below as root and you're away :-)

1.10_3 contains the fixes for 1.10, 1.10_1 and 10.1_2 as mentioned in other threads.

SNMP audit a device fixed.
To patch you can download 1.10_3 or edit a single file.
Edit /usr/local/open-audit/code_igniter/application/controllers/admin_system.php (Linux) or c:\xampplite\open-audit\code_igniter\application\controllers\admin_system.php
Change line 297 to the below:
        $details->man_ip_address = ip_address_from_db($this->m_devices_components->read($details->system_id, 'y', 'system', '', 'man_ip_address'));

This is in the function "system_snmp". The addition is the function to escape the ip address as returned from the database. This does not affect Discovery. It occurs if you click the "SNMP Scan" button on the device details page only.

audit_windows.vbs scheduled tasks fix included.
A syntax error in the scheduled tasks section of audit_windows.vbs.
Line 3164 in /usr/local/open-audit/other/audit_windows.vbs or c:\xampplite\open-audit\other\audit_windows.vbs, change to the below
The fix is a simple slash / for the closing name tag.
               item = item & "         <name><![CDATA[" & sTask(1) & "]]></name>" & vbcrlf

I'll get a new build out ASAP. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Same rules as for 1.10 apply - upgraders to 1.10 _2 from a version prior to 1.10 take note.
IMPORTANT. If you are upgrading your existing installation please ensure you read the release notes. There have been some database schema changes which may result in non-functioning reports (and maybe groups). If you have created custom report or group definitions, the release notes will explain what you will need to do. Any reports or groups that ship with Open-AudIT will be automatically upgraded.

Audit scripts have also changed because of the SQL schema changes and associated processing routines.

In short, most tables (using the software table as an example) have gone from sys_sw_software.software_version to software.version for most column names (and obviously the table names). There is also a new column called 'current' which makes joining on timestamps redundant. PLEASE READ THE RELEASE NOTES. All is explained in detail there :-)

Other items of note are SAN auditing of IBM DS5xxx model SANs a few bug fixes and a new feature - Baselines. The Baselines feature is not currently finished but is functional. More notes as always are in the release notes. ... udIT+v1.10

NOTE - 1.10_1 released as a hotfix. Just download and install as usual. Contains a quoted SQL string containing the reserved word partition. Contains 2x checks in audit_windows.vbs to test when running locally and if so, determine the man_ip_address and test for SAN program existence.

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