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Author:  Mark [ Wed Feb 26, 2014 4:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Open-AudIT Documentation

The documentation page for Open-AudIT can be found at If you would like documentation on a specific part of Open-AudIT, just ask!

Open-AudIT Documentation
Introduction to Open-AudIT
Introduction to Open-AudIT Enterprise
Getting Started
How to audit a single Windows computer
How To - Use Open-AudIT Discovery on a Subnet
Open-AudIT FAQ

Installing and Configuring Open-AudIT
Release Notes
Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.0.3
Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.0.4
Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.0.5
Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.0.6
Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.1
Release Notes for Open-AudIT v1.2
Linux Installation and Upgrade
Linux - RedHat and CentOS pre-requisites
Linux - Debian and Ubuntu pre-requisites
Linux - Installing
Linux - Upgrading
Windows Installation and Upgrade
Windows - pre-requisites
Windows - Installing
Windows - Upgrading

Open-AudIT Configuration, Backup and Restore
Open-AudIT Enterprise - Configuration Guide
Configuring Maps
Configuring Scheduled Reports
Backup and Restore
Open-AudIT Default Configuration Values and Description

How To
How to audit a single Windows computer
How to audit a single Linux computer
How to audit an Active Directory domain
How to audit a subnet using a script
How to import devices using a spreadsheet
How to import devices from and export devices to NMIS
How to create a Report definition

Information about how Open-AudIT processes and stores data
Information about how to get data into Open-AudIT
Information about the architecture of Open-AudIT
Information about Users and Groups
Information about default users and passwords
Information about Printers

The FAQ contains entries for -
What are the default credentials to log into the web interface?
My AntiVirus is prompting me to deny/allow things.
Open-AudIT won't accept my password on the Config page
How can I add another user to Open-AudIT?
How can I get some dummy data in Open-AudIT?
How can I access the Open-AudIT Community application?
Open-AudIT is not displaying discovered devices.
An Open-AudIT Community page is not displaying and all I am seeing is a white screen.
My time is off in Open-AudIT.
I cannot see the details for a particular device in Open-AudIT Enterprise -> System Summary
Testing the OMKD service/daemon is running
Running Apache on a different port (to the default port 80)

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