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Author:  STARAG [ Tue Mar 08, 2011 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Database sys_sw_software

I've got a problem, auditing linux software..

Cause, for my understandig, a status, (if update, or hotfix or what else) does not belong to the software comment!!!

So why is not the Field "software_status" used for this things?

i've now changed the following in "m_software.php" in Method "get_system_software"

case 0:
            // default. do not display patches, hotfix, update, etc
            $sql_where ="sys_sw_software.software_comment != 'update' AND sys_sw_software.software_comment != 'odbc driver' AND sys_sw_software.software_comment != 'browser addon' AND sys_sw_software.software_comment != 'codec' AND software_comment != '.NET Assembly' AND ";

but i think it would be bether to let that run over the software_status. or what is this field thought for ?

kind regards


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