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PostPosted: Sat Jul 25, 2009 2:13 am 

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I have a small netowrk of about 50/60 computers that I wish to use OA to audit.
I am running Netware 6.0 SP5, no win domains here.

I have installed OA sucessfully and can perform a local audit. I have used the XAMPP install on my desktop PC as a temporary measure.
When I try to remote audit it does not update the MySQL database?
I have created new Admin accounts on the two PC's I am targetting for the test and added two records to the pc_list_file.txt with the credentials just created.
I have added these to my hosts file.
I have run the firewall_allow.vbs on the two remote xp boxes.
When I run cscript audit.vbs the pc_list_file is read in to the array and 2 processes are started, with the computer names being displayed. Then the message 'Waiting 1 min for remaining 2 scripts to complete' is displayed.
When complete I check at the Open-AudIT front end and I have no records added to the database.

Do I need to run nmap? Do I need nmap.exe file to be installed in the scripts folder?

Please can anyone help and give me an idea where I am going wrong?
Below is my audit.config file fyi.


audit_location = "r"
verbose = "y"
online = "yesxml"
strComputer = ""
ie_visible = "y"
ie_auto_submit = "n"
ie_submit_verbose = "y"
ie_form_page = "212.240.XXX.XXX/openaudit/admin_pc_add_1.php"
non_ie_page = "212.240.XXX.XXX/openaudit/admin_pc_add_2.php"
input_file = "pc_list_file.txt"

' Email authentication

email_to = ""
email_from = ""
'email_sender = "Open-AudIT"
email_server = "" ' IP address or FQDN
email_port = "25" ' The SMTP port
email_auth = "1" ' 0 = Anonymous, 1 = Clear-text Authentication, 2 = NTLM
email_user_id = "" ' A valid Email account in user@domain format
email_user_pwd = "some_password" ' The SMTP email password
email_use_ssl = "false" ' True/False
email_timeout = "60" ' In seconds
send_email = "false" ' True/False - Enable/Disable email sending

audit_local_domain = "n"
' Set domain_type = 'nt' for NT4 or SAMBA otherwise leave blank or set to ldap
'domain_type = "nt"

' local_domain = "LDAP://example.local"

' Example Set Domain name for NT ONLY for LDAP use the above format
' NOTE This is Case Sensetive. See the example below.
'local_domain = "WinNT://IEXPLORE"
'local_domain = "WinNT://<domainname>"

hfnet = "n"
Count = 0
number_of_audits = 10
script_name = "audit.vbs"
monitor_detect = "y"
printer_detect = "y"
software_audit = "y"
uuid_type = "uuid"
' Nmap section
nmap_tmp_cleanup = true ' Set this false if you want to leave the tmp files for analysis in your tmp folder
nmap_subnet = "212.240.XXX." ' The subnet you wish to scan
nmap_subnet_formatted = "212.240.XXX." ' The subnet padded with 0's
nmap_ie_form_page = "212.240.XXX.XXX/openaudit/admin_nmap_input.php"
nmap_ie_visible = "y"
nmap_ie_auto_close = "n"
nmap_ip_start = 1
nmap_ip_end = 254
nmap_syn_scan = "y" ' Tcp Syn scan
nmap_udp_scan = "y" ' UDP scan
nmap_srv_ver_scan = "y" ' Service version detection.
nmap_srv_ver_int = 9 ' Service version detection intensity level. Values 0-9, 0=fast

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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